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Welcome to Being Empowered

A place to find direction, hope, understanding and support.

Lindy’s aim is to help people to help themselves to achieve and live their full potential, through Self Mastery and the Path of Wisdom.

All of her work is done for your highest good and the greatest good of all.

She wants the best for you.

Lindy meets you at your level, recognising the beauty of who you are now, and assisting you to become the person you truly wish to be, living the life of your positive dreams.

Lindy offers a wide range of services and workshops.

Being Empowered Services

Psychic readings yarragon. book your aura healing or psychic readings in yarragon today. Also offer Psychic readings Warragul, Psychic readings moe, Psychic readings latrobe valley and Psychic readings drouin
Psychic Readings moe and learn mediumship classes

All of Lindy’s work is done to help you achieve your highest potential. She wants the best for you and her mission is to gently help you to live your future in the best possible way.

Become the person you truly wish to be, living the life of your positive dreams. You can read past clients testimonials here.


Psychic readings morwell. Looking for a psychic near me? Ask Lindy Stratford for healing and spiritual readings yarragon, warrgul and drouin

Psychic Empowerment Readings

Ask Lindy any questions about your current life situation, your future, other people in your life, relationships, romance,  friends, career,  finances, health.

learn spiritual healing and psychic mediumship moe, morwell, warragul, yarragon and drouin

Spiritual Healing

This incorporates a number of beneficial healing modalities for your unique experience. Reiki, sound therapy, energy alignment, Tibetan singing bowls, essential oils, crystals, gentle breath work and more.

Psychic readings latrobe valley, psychic mediumship yarragon, psychic mediumship latrobe valley
Lindy Stratford is a life coach for one on one personal coaching yarragon, she is a business, health and wellness coach. looking for psychic reading near me? I do online psychic readings

Coaching, Counselling And Mentoring

Become clear about what is happening in your life now and what you want and need. We work together to create a pathway to achieve your desired goals and outcome.

book an appointment for a cutting the ties that bind session as taught by phyllis krystal. LIndy Stratford offers spiritual readings amd mediumship readings

Cutting The Ties That Bind

Learn different ways to sever the negative connections between you and others, whether the people or places are in your life now or from your past.

book your tapping therapy session using emotional freedom technique. tapping for anxiety is a powerful method to reduce anxiety, weightloss, stress yarragon

Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique

These are powerful and quick techniques which can help you release any negative emotion eg. guilt, grief, fear, trauma plus physical pain and insomnia.

hypnotherapy and hypnosis for weight loss, sleep, stop smoking, anxiety. if you are looking for hypnotherapy near me? Lindy Stratford is a certified hypnotherapist in yarragon


Hypnotherapy can help break unwanted habits such as smoking, overeating, gambling and can help ease anxiety, depression and improve your confidence and self worth.

past life therapy and past life regression sessions available in yarragon, latrobe valley, warragul and drouin. Regression therapy is a powerful way to release trauma

Past Life Therapy

Remove blockages from the past in this life and/or previous lifetimes which prevent you from living the life you want. Let yourself achieve your dreams by changing the past.

Lindy Straford facilitates quantum awareness healing,quantum soul healing, expanded consciousness and quantum physics energy healing Yarragon, Latrobe Valley, Warragul

Quantum Consciousness

Are you curious to explore other realms and aspects of your Being? Do you have particular issues or concerns which you would like answers to? Access the wisdom already within you.

Lindy's Being Empowered Workshops

Would you like to deepen your knowledge, expand your awareness, trust your intuition more, do readings, learn Reiki, know what your purpose is, discover who and what is with you assisting you in your life or find out who you have been in other lifetimes?

Regular workshops are conducted on these topics and more. Most are held in Yarragon yet other locations can be arranged on request.

want to learn psychic development courses? Lindy Straford teaches psychic classes yarragon, warragul, latrobe valley. Her psychic courses make it easy to develop intuition

Psychic Development Courses

Learn to trust your intuition more, know when you are thinking versus intuiting, give and receive different sorts of readings with help and support every step of the way.

Lindy is a certified life coach, personal coach,health and wellness coach and spiritual coach

Live The Life You Want

A 10 session program to help you define what you want in your Life, what you want to Achieve. We work together to achieve your goals.

energy cleansing or energy clearing is a powerful way to get rid of negative energy. from cleansing crystals to chakra cleansing and aura healing, you can learn how with these simple energy cleansing techniques

Energy Cleansing

Learn how to clear the draining feelings you can experience from other people and places that are not your own. I share with you easy techniques to keep you grounded and feeling balanced.

book an appointment for a cutting the ties that bind session as taught by phyllis krystal. LIndy Stratford offers spiritual readings amd mediumship readings

Cutting The Ties That Bind

Learn different ways to sever the negative connections between you and others, whether the people or places are in your life now or from your past.

let me teach you my reiki course for level 1, 2 and 3 or masters. My accredited reiki courses help you heal anxiety, stress and trauma. learn reiki today yarragon, latrobe valley, warragul

Reiki I, II and Master Levels

Reiki is a gentle form of hands on healing that works on all levels – your physical body, emotions, mind and spiritual being. Become a permanent channel of this healing energy.

looking for a course in meditation? Learn meditation today with my meditation courses for beginners. I can teach you the best way to learn meditation


Learn to meditate in a safe environment with 1 to 2 guided meditations during each session. These groups are ideal for beginners to those who meditate regularly.

what is my purpose in life? I am an accredited life coach and we can work together to find whats your purpose.

What's My Purpose?

You are unique. You have a reason for being. Discover why you are really here, what you have come to do and be. What do you want and what do you wish to radiate out into the world?

learn how to find your life purpsoe with this workshop. I am a life coach, wellness coach and health coach, together we work to help you find life balance

Coming Home

Define what Home is for You. Learn what to do when you feel disconnected or not yourself. Discover ways to bring yourself back Home easily and quickly.

learn how to do a past life regression to find out what past lives you've lived. You can do your own past self regression

Past Lives

Have you ever been somewhere you’ve never been and felt you had been there before, met someone and felt that you already know them or that you instantly dislike them.

This may be due to having been in that place or having known that person in a past life. Your past lives can influence the way you behave now.

spirit guides, spirit angels and power animals. learn how to meet your spirit guide and spirit aninal totem in this course

Spirit Guides

Discover who and what is guiding, helping and protecting you. Spirit guides have many forms and different purposes.

Learn various techniques to connect with them. 

You will receive information about one or more of the spirit guides who are currently helping you.

What My Clients Say

“You have helped me refind the faith in myself to become a better person, happier, healthier, with better family relationships, more money and a job I now love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place because of you.”
Maree Hobbs
“I feel honoured to have learned Reiki with Lindy as I know she is very caring and her intentions come from the nicest place. I feel that Lindy will do everything she knows to help you help yourself.”
Drew Harris
New Zealand
“I just wanted to say thankyou so much for the reading. You were amazing, I was so happy that I got to be in your environment for 25 minutes, I really appreciate your insight to my life and me, so thank you very much.”
Madeline Smith
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