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Expand your skills

Would you like to be happier and more confident, trust your intuition more, do readings, learn Reiki, know what your purpose is and live it, discover who you have been in other lifetimes and who is helping you in this life, define and achieve more of your goals plus meet like-minded people?

Courses are held regularly on these and other topics. Most are in Yarragon yet can be held in other locations on request.

Thousands of people have attended Lindy’s workshops. Numbers are kept small to ensure everyone receives individual attention, as needed.

Workshops are always in a safe and supportive environment.

Psychic Development Courses

Basic Weekend:
Description: reading postcards, reading auras, intuitive drawing, spirit guides, other lifetimes and more.

Advanced Weekend:
Description: photo reading, psychometry (reading objects such as jewellery), people who have died, angels, interpreting dreams.
NB. It is NOT a prerequisite to have completed any other psychic development course.

All Psychic Development sessions incorporate energy cleansing and protecting. This allows you to access information about others yet not to take on any of their issues.

There is flexibility with the topics we will cover and the course matter often varies as each group can select the areas which most interest them. Lindy is open to including other aspects you are interested in finding out more about.

These are practical courses throughout which you will be giving and receiving readings in a gentle, safe, nurturing environment.

Participants can expect to:
* Expand your awareness
* Trust your intuition more
* Meet like minded people
* Have a lot of fun
* Explore another side of yourself
* Learn to use these tools and practise using them to understand more about yourself and others
* Discover who and what is around you and how they are helping
* Learn who you were in other lives and how this affects you now
* Interpret dreams
* Tune into the angelic realm
* Allow your awareness to expand to access information across space, time and all dimensions
* Practise how to tune into the energy of others whilst protecting your own vital energies.
Yarragon $380 per weekend

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4.30pm each day

Other locations available on request

Psychic Development Classes On A Monthly Basis

Description: This group is for people who have previously come to Psychic Development classes. You can keep in contact with people, practise and hone your skills. Topics will be different to the weekly sessions, chosen by the group and are more advanced.
Supper is included.

Yarragon $35 per session

First Monday evening of the month

7.00pm -9.00pm

What Is My Purpose Workshop

You are unique. You have a reason for being. Discover why you are really here, what you have come to do and be. This will create a framework for your life so you will know that everything you do, say and think is either taking you closer to achieving and living your purpose or further away from it. You can have more control over your happiness and destiny.

What do you want and what do you wish to radiate out into the world?

You will create a wall chart to take home with goals you wish to achieve.

A meditation is included to help release what may be holding you back and assist you to manifest your dreams while growing within at the same time.
Yarragon: $175 10.30am – 4.00pm
Other locations available on request

Coming Home Workshop

Define what Home is for You.

Learn what to do when you feel disconnected or not yourself. Discover ways to bring yourself back Home easily and quickly.

Understand who and what is beneficial in your life and helps you Be Home and who and what is not. Acquire skills to clear and protect your vital energy fields so you are not depleted by other people, places and situations.

Discover ways to clear negative energies, retain and maintain positive energy where you live and work.

Discuss the current energy changes with the Earth and ascending consciousness.

Everything is connected. What we say, think and do can impact everything around us. Find out why certain things make you uncomfortable and others make you feel good.

We each have all the answers within us. Experience a meditation to discover more of yourself as well as receive insights, answers and direction from other parts of You.
Yarragon: $175 10.30am to 4.00pm
Other locations available on request

Energy Cleansing Workshop

Description: Sometimes the draining, vulnerable, powerless feelings you experience are not your own but the energy of other people and places encroaching on you.

Have you ever been feeling great and then had some time with someone who was feeling depressed, gone away and found that you’re feeling worse than before you were with them? This never needs to happen again.

Participants can expect to learn quick, easy techniques to become clear and focussed, to cleanse your energy fields and surround yourself with protection, avoiding taking on external influences. Be YOU!

These methods have also been found to help people with ADD and ADHD.
Cost: $100
Yarragon 3 hours

Other locations available on request

Live the Life You Want Workshop

A 10 session program to help you

* Define what you want in your life
* Decide who you want to become
* Determine who you want to share your life with
* Establish when you want the results
* Create the pathways to achieve what you want
* Put in place the checkpoints so you can stay on track
* Learn and apply techniques to help resolve whatever blockages come up along the way
* Bring to the surface the talents and passions you already have and use them positively to gain more confidence and transform your dreams into reality

You already have what you need and want within you. Bring this out and allow yourself to blossom and grow.

Sometimes you just need to DO IT.

Simply reading this may be your first step in achieving your innermost desires.
Yarragon $1095. Sessions are every second or third Wednesday 7.30m - 9.30pm

Past Lives Workshop

Explore theories regarding incarnation and karma and how your past lives can affect you in this life.

Gain more understanding about why certain traits you exhibit now may be as a result of something that happened in one of your other lifetimes eg. fear of water, love of art.

Discover more about what can happen when you die and between lives, do we choose our parents or the families we are born into, what is the purpose of living more than one life.

You will each receive a short reading about who you were in at least one of your past lives.

This may make you more aware of why you are the way you are now and help bring healing, more clarity, understanding and wisdom to your life now.

Cost: $100
Yarragon 3 hours

Other locations available on request

Spirit Guides Workshop

Understand more about who and what spirit guides are.

Guides may include loved ones who have died, animals, angels, nature spirits, energy forms, etc. You have many beings with you at all times supporting you. Some are with you for a short time to help with a special duty and others may be with you for lifetimes.

Learn how they help you in various parts of your life. We will discuss a few different ways to communicate with them and how they may show their presence in your life.

You will learn the differences between spirit guides, guardians, protectors and angels and more. Discover the identity of one or more of the guides who are with you now and how specifically they are helping you. Depending on time constraints we may do a meditation where you can meet one of more of your guides.
Cost: $100
Yarragon 3 hours

Other locations available on request


There will be one to two guided meditations each session. All meditations will be centred around the wants and needs of the group. Each week may have a different focus eg. healing, positivity, relaxation, personal growth, gratitude, colour, sound, spiritual development, etc.

Every meditation will be different to any done before and are developed and written by Lindy. Therefore you will experience something unique each time.

This group is suitable for people who have never meditated to those who meditate regularly.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow/cushion and/or blanket.

Meditating regularly has been proven to improve health and wellbeing on all levels. It can help to build skills to manage your stress, decrease anxiety and depression, increase focus, concentration and creativity as well as improve memory and self-esteem.

Cost: $150 per term or $20 if paying per session
Yarragon 1 ½ hrs per week for 8 weeks on Wednesdays 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Cutting The Ties That Bind

When you have a close relationship with a person, bonds (etheric cords) develop between you and them. The bond can include being between you and your partner, children, parents, siblings, friends, pets, work colleagues, places, objects, etc.

Learn different ways to sever the negative connections between you and others, whether the people or places are in your life now or from your past. This means your relationships can be just as good or better and anything detrimental is released.

Sometimes people and places can drain your energy without you being aware of it. Discover how to recognise when your energy is being depleted and how to prevent this from happening again. It can be very good for those in healing or caring roles who form unconscious energy links with others. Results can be immediate, profound and ongoing.

Processes will be shared to release issues which may have come from your ancestors, past lives or any other cause.

Gain an understanding of how to clear and protect your energy fields so you can live more fully in your own power.

Cost: $100
Yarragon 3 hours

Other locations available on request

What My Clients Say

“You have helped me refind the faith in myself to become a better person, happier, healthier, with better family relationships, more money and a job I now love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place because of you.”
Maree Hobbs
“I feel honoured to have learned Reiki with Lindy as I know she is very caring and her intentions come from the nicest place. I feel that Lindy will do everything she knows to help you help yourself.”
Drew Harris
New Zealand
“I just wanted to say thankyou so much for the reading. You were amazing, I was so happy that I got to be in your environment for 25 minutes, I really appreciate your insight to my life and me, so thank you very much.”
Madeline Smith
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