Reiki Workshops

As well as learning a quick and simple healing modality, becoming attuned to channeling the Reiki energy can automatically help you live more on purpose in your life. It is a gift to yourself and something you can share easily with others, each of you receiving healing at the same time.

Reiki I, II and Master Levels

Reiki is a gentle and safe form of hands on healing that works on all levels – your physical body, emotions, mind and spiritual being.

Reiki is a Japanese word representing Universal Energy. This energy is the life force which permeates every living thing.

A Reiki practitioner channels the Reiki energy by placing their hands on or just above the fully clothed person receiving healing. The pure flow of energy and love accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal on all levels and goes wherever in the system it is needed most.

The healing experience usually brings a feeling of warmth, relaxation and serenity, resulting in feeling more positive, focussed and in harmony.

* restore and maintain balance, health and harmony at all levels
* ease stress, creating a calmer and more relaxed attitude to life
* relieve physical ailments
* strengthen the immune system
* help release pent up emotions
* detoxify and dissolve blockages on any level
* ease depression, insomnia, addictions and fear based illnesses
* provide comfort and ease during grief and peace to the terminally ill
* compliment other healing methods

Learning Reiki:

Level 1 – for self healing, family and friends

Level 2 – practitioner level and for healing across time and space

Level 3 – Master/Teacher (includes Seichim Level 1 and Seichim Master)

Reiki Level 1

* Define what you want in your life
* Receive the 4 attunements to enable you to be a channel for Reiki
* Learn the history of this ancient healing art
* Discover many simple ways in which you can use Reiki everyday to enhance and enrich your life
* Practise doing healings on yourself and others
* Learn easy methods to protect your vital energies
* Manual included and certificate awarded upon completion
* Held over 2 days or 3 evenings, plus follow-up session
Yarragon $380
Other locations available on request.

Reiki Level 2

* Receive the attunement to increase the Reiki energy and accelerate your personal development
* Discover the 3 sacred symbols, their meanings, benefits and uses (including how to develop your intuition, clear traumas and achieve specific goals)
* Practise chakra and energy balancing
* Learn how to send healing across distance and time (absent healing)
* Manual included and certificate awarded upon completion
* Held over 2 days or 3 evenings, plus follow-up session
Yarragon $480
Other locations available on request.

Reiki Master / Level 3

* This level is for people who are more serious about healing and especially those who wish to teach Reiki and make it a major part of their lives
* This course also includes Seichim Level 1 and Seichim Master. Seichim is an ancient Egyptian healing method, is very feminine in its power and promotes deep spiritual healing, complementing Reiki extremely well. Receive the attunements, discover the Seichim symbols, their meanings, benefits and uses plus how to combine this healing with Reiki
* Receive the Reiki Master attunement
* Discover the Reiki Master symbols, their meanings, benefits and uses
* Learn the teaching aspects of Reiki, the Master’s responsibilities and preparation practices for students
* Learn basic business principles
* Manual included and certificates for Reiki Master and Seichim Master awarded upon completion
* Held over 4 days plus follow-up session
Yarragon $1250
Other locations available on request.

What My Clients Say

“You have helped me refind the faith in myself to become a better person, happier, healthier, with better family relationships, more money and a job I now love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place because of you.”
Maree Hobbs
“I feel honoured to have learned Reiki with Lindy as I know she is very caring and her intentions come from the nicest place. I feel that Lindy will do everything she knows to help you help yourself.”
Drew Harris
New Zealand
“I just wanted to say thankyou so much for the reading. You were amazing, I was so happy that I got to be in your environment for 25 minutes, I really appreciate your insight to my life and me, so thank you very much.”
Madeline Smith
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