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Lindy’s Background Education

Lindy Stratford is a metaphysician who has been helping people transform their lives for over 30 years.

Her studies of traditional and alternative therapies and spiritual practices, coupled with her natural psychic abilities allow her to meet each person at their unique level, assisting them on life’s journey to become happy, healthy and self-empowered.

Lindy’s aim is to help people to help themselves achieve and live their full potential, empowering them on their path to living their true purpose.

As well as teaching groups Lindy conducts private sessions with individuals doing Psychic Readings, Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Healing, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy, Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique and Quantum Consciousness.

She is also available to do readings via telephone or  WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc and can do group readings at your home or work.

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A Little About Me

I was always naturally intuitive as a very young child. I had premonitions, saw, felt and smelled illness in people and had a deep empathy with others.

Growing up I switched a lot of this off wanting desperately to belong in my family, school and society.

I Was Very Sensitive

I was painfully shy and spent a lot of time alone. Being with others and outside was challenging as I was sensitive to everything around me.

I Wanted To Help Others

After experiencing extreme depression for years as a teenager I developed a keen desire to help others so they would not have to experience anything like what I went through.

This led to my continuing study of traditional and alternative healing methods to help other people and myself achieve and live our unique potentials, resolving whatever is holding us back along the way.

I am still a work in progress. And Yes, I’m still doing courses to develop and improve my skills.

Reiki Changed My Life

Learning Reiki 2 gave me permission to use my intuition.

Years later, after working doing counseling, hypnotherapy, healing and massage, people began to ask for past life readings. I didn’t want to do this, thinking it wasn’t therapeutic.

The Beginning Of Past Life Readings

One day a friend asked and I began speaking, telling her about various past lives she’d experienced. This was the beginning of my doing past life readings.

One day someone came and asked about their future. I sat, dumbfounded, not knowing what to do and then began speaking, letting the words flow to tell them about their possible future.

Since then I have done over 30,000 readings for people throughout Australia and overseas.

I am a natural psychic/intuitive reader who uses no tools to ‘tune in’.

My work is my passion and I do my best to walk the talk, striving to be the best me I can be and being of service to myself, others and All.

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Lindy’s Background Education

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