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All of Lindy’s work is done for your highest good and the greatest good of all. She wants the best for you and her mission is to help you to help yourself reach your potential.

Lindy meets you at your level recognising the beauty of who you are now and assisting you to become the person you truly wish to be, living the life of your positive dreams.

Intuitive Psychic Empowerment Readings

Lindy is a traditional psychic who uses no formal tools to “tune in”. You can ask any questions, whether it’s about your current life situation, your future, other people in your life, relationships, romance, family, friends, career, work, finances, health, people who have died, past lives, spirit guides, angels, auras, soul journey, life purpose, soul purpose, any subject you choose.

She prefers to give you options and choices about your future rather than saying what will definitely happen. After all, it’s your life and you are in charge.

Lindy can tell you what is most likely to happen in your future yet it’s still your choice to make the decisions which shape your destiny.

Lindy is available to do individual readings. If you live too far away she can do readings over the telephone or via Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. If you have a group of 6 of more people who would like readings Lindy can come to you.

She has done tens of thousands of readings for people throughout Australia and overseas.
Yarragon face to face cost:

Spiritual Healing

This incorporates Reiki, Magnified Healing, Seichim and any other methods which will be beneficial for your unique experience eg. colour therapy, sound therapy, energy alignment, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal pyramid, essential oils, crystals, gentle breath work, meditation techniques.

The healing works on all levels of your system including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, so you can relax in a gentle, soothing, safe environment. The healing goes to wherever your system needs it.

A healing session can be combined with a psychic reading if you desire. The healing can be done in person or via distance.
Cost - $200 for one and a half hours, $140 for hour, or $80 for half an hour

Coaching - One On One Mentoring

This can be to help you with life direction or purpose, to enhance your relationships with yourself and others, develop or increase your business and more.

Become clear about what is happening in your life now, what you want and need in your life and helps you create a pathway to achieve your desired result.

She makes everything as easy as possible, providing you with multiple suggestions about how you can improve your life by making little changes easily. If one method does not achieve rapid positive results Lindy has many other ways of assisting you to create the wanted effect. A session can include any of the techniques listed on this page, if needed or wanted, to resolve issues that have been holding you back.

Lindy can help you regain power and control over your life to become the person you truly wish to be, living the life of your positive dreams.

You will define what you really want and need in your life to be happy and discover methods to set yourself on the path to achieve your desired results and keep yourself moving in the right direction.

You will receive the support, encouragement and constructive feedback to assist you to have the positive belief in yourself for you to continue doing whatever is necessary to LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULL.
Cost - $210 per hour

Cutting The Ties That Bind

This may release you from being negatively affected by the influences of someone or something else so you can be free to be more of the person you wish to be.

There are a few ways to accomplish this so, if one method doesn’t help, we will use another.

The bonds can be with people, places or things which are part of your life now or from your past. You will be able to release all ties or just the negative ones and you can include more than one person, object, event, etc that you wish to sever.

Methods will be included to help prevent anyone or anything affecting you as much in the future.

This can help you regain more of your sense of self, ease doubt, fear and insecurity whilst enabling you to feel stronger inside plus have improved self-esteem and confidence.

Cost - $210 per hour

Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thought Field therapy (TFT) are extremely similar and are usually referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. They are based on the principles of acupuncture helping to create balance in your energy system.

Tapping is an extremely powerful and quick method used to ease or eliminate: anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, trauma, guilt, anger, jealousy, fears, phobias, procrastination, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, physical pain, insomnia, performance anxiety, tension headaches, some relationship issues and addictions, etc.

They allow you to release any negative emotion which may be hampering your life in any way.

EFT and TFT can provide immediate relief, followed by deep relaxation. The results are often immediate even with the most horrendous issues (emotional, psychological or physical). This stress relieving and calming effect is wonderful, and the benefits are permanent, particularly when all aspects have been dealt with. Many clients report feeling light, calm and relaxed afterwards.

Cost - $210 per hour


Hypnotherapy can be used to assist with stopping or reducing smoking, gambling, using drugs, overeating, sexual dysfunction, self-sabotage, unwanted habits, addictions, phobias, other substance abuse, undesirable spontaneous behaviours

It can help ease anxiety, depression, learning disorders, communication and relationship issues and improve sleep, sports performance, better health, self-image, self-worth, confidence

You can think of it like a deep meditation that you’re induced into.

We can use a quick technique which takes up to 20 minutes which, for some people, is enough to allow for the positive changes you desire. You’ll know immediately whether this method is effective for you. If not, there are a few hypnosis methods which you can choose from to address how to achieve your desired result.

Depending on the technique chosen, you may receive a recording to listen to morning and evening for the next month to allow the best integration of your new way of Being.

Lindy helps you be clear about what is happening in your life now, what you want and need in your life and helps you create a pathway to achieve your desired result.

As well as teaching groups Lindy conducts private sessions with individuals doing Psychic Readings, Healing, Hypnosis, Energetic Alignment, Past Life Therapy and Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique.

She is also available to do readings via telephone or skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc and can do group readings at your home or work.
Cost - $210 per hour

Past Life Therapy

Explore theories regarding incarnation and karma and how your past lives can affect you in this life.

Gain more understanding about why certain traits you exhibit now may be as a result of something that happened in one of your other lifetimes eg. fear of water, love of art.

Discover more about what can happen when you die and between lives, do we choose our parents or the families we are born into, what is the purpose of living more than one life and more.

You will each receive a short reading about who you were in at least one of your past lives.

This may make you more aware of why you are the way you are now and help bring healing, more clarity, understanding and wisdom to your life now.

Cost - $210 per hour

Quantum Consciousness

This is Remembering who you Are!

You could come to a session because you are curious, to explore other realms and aspects of your Being or, if you have particular issues or concerns, to gain answers and wisdom from what is already within you.

If you have the question, you already have the answer.

During the experience you connect and interact with different aspects of your Self, exploring across and outside the illusions of time and space. Your awareness moves to the different Realms of your existences, always with the highest intention of sharing insight and wisdom.

The realms we explore are:
Stored Consciousness - Accessing past or future ages from your present life that may benefit from the knowledge you currently have, or who may wish to offer you wisdom and insight that will assist you in your life now.

Alternate Consciousness - Accessing another version of you. How might your life have been if you’d said yes instead of no at a particular crossroad in your life? Meeting the other ‘you’ that made that different choice can bring insight and answer the 'what if.....?' question you may have regarding a major life decision.

Parallel Consciousness - Exploring ‘past' lives to gain wisdom and/or to release past trauma which may still be affecting you today. The term "parallel consciousness' is used, rather than 'past life', based on the principle that there is no time and the only moment is now.

Inter-dimensional Consciousness - If we can incarnate in this human form, on this planet, perhaps we can incarnate in others forms, in other places, planets, dimensions? Gain insights from exploring your own existence in inter-dimensional realms.

Eternal Consciousness - blending with the fabric of the Cosmos itself and exploring the unlimitedness of yourself, Home.
Cost - Up to 3 hours $300

Additional Healing Services

What My Clients Say

“Thank you for yesterday.I feel as though I have had Confirmation and renewed direction.It's all so exciting. Again, thank you.You are a gift to us....a beautiful gift.Your light shines so strong and bright.”
Jenny Capella
“There's no words that can say thank you for the LIFETIME gifts that the weekend has brought up within me. It felt a lot longer than a weekend as we explored so much!!!! You are incredible. Thank you again. I'm already putting your teachings into action, cant wait to apply the techniques.”
Amy Mathers
“Thanks so much for the wonderful healing today. I’m incredibly grateful and humbled. It was truly amazing! You have such special and remarkable gifts!! I haven’t had such a fantastic healing ever!!! I’m so happy and feel fantastic!”
Kate Hourigan
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