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Testimonials for Lindy

“Over the last 20 years I have attained Reiki Master done Crystal classes, sat in on circles and other various classes with different teachers. I have known Lindy for over 10 years and have found her to be one of the best. If its guidance, Spiritual awareness or readings I know you will be guided well. Thank you Lindy for all your help.”
Peter Lock - Mildura

“Words cannot express the gratitude that I am feeling. Today was one of the most amazing days of my life and in the few hours we were together, with your caring and instruction, I experienced an amazing healing that I have been searching for for years. You are a gift to this world and one of the most amazing people that I have the absolute pleasure of knowing. Thank you to the moon and back.”
Mehgan Cooling - Warragul

“Thank you for being an inspiring light. Thank you for everything you do. You are such an amazingly gifted and compassionate person.”
Debra Rechter - Bendigo

“Lindy, I comment in this public forum to acknowledge the tremendous support, wisdom and care you have given me through darkest times. May you and yours be blessed with good health and fortune. Thank you Lindy. You are always my good star. AMEN.”
Denise Hearne - Nhulunbuy

“Thanks Lindy, we have had a huge positive shift since we saw you!! The sign of an awesome facilitator..”
Louise Gerry - Bendigo

“Thank you Lindy. You have been so, so helpful in keeping me sane, positive and facing in the right direction. I really appreciate all the help along the way.”
Sarah Manchester - Coober Pedy

“Thank you Lindy for yesterday’s conversation. I feel infinitely lighter and much more trusting of the future. I don’t know how you do it but you are a gem!”
Anne Chandler - Kyneton

“Thank you. You are a gift to us....a beautiful gift. Your light shines so strong and bright.”
Janus Ingholm - Switzerland

“You’ve given me lots to think about without telling me what to do. The best reading I’ve ever had.”
Holly Strachan - Busselton

Julia Walsh - Bendigo

“I saw you 5 years ago and everything you said has happened.”
Simone Walters - Ballarat

“I would like to express my gratitude towards you and thank you so much for the wonderful kick start you have given me for the year ahead. You have changed my life. I feel so inspired and positive about my future and I can’t thank you enough.”
Chelle Penn - Tullamarine

“You have helped me refind the faith in myself to become a better person, happier, healthier, with better family relationships, more money and a job I now love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The world is a better place because of you.”
Maree Hobbs - Freemantle

“I have seen psychologists and psychiatrists for the last nine years and you have helped me more in a couple of sessions than they have ever helped me.”
Elle Scarbelles - Bendigo

“I think that what you do is very important, life-changing, life-saving. I feel very uplifted by your words and I think that your insight is an extraordinary gift to the world and can bring joy to many people. Thanks so much for all your help. I believe you do fantastic and helpful work and you have been astoundingly accurate and renewed my belief in the certainty of a path that can support you. Your advice is wonderful. Thank you for your energy and much Love. I love your emphasis on empowerment and you have contributed so much to my journey.”
Ruth Cumberland - Melbourne

“I have worked with Lindy many times over the years and she has become a trusted advisor and close friend. Through her detailed, honest readings and expert knowledge I have deepened my spiritual growth dramatically. Her psychic readings are always kind, warm and upfront. I find her style refreshingly direct and clear - there is no waffling or wandering generalisations. A reading from Lindy will show you very quickly that she is the real deal. I have completed several of her classes including Psychic Development and Reiki 1 and 2. The classes were brilliant - she conducts herself as a consummate professional in her field, presenting easy to understand and apply information in a fun and hands-on learning environment. Lindy is one of the most honest, authentic and integrity driven person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She does not buy into the hype around her profession but stays the course, changing the world one client at a time. It is my great pleasure to recommend her to the world for her skill, her dedication to her field and her own development and for the manner in which she treats her clients - you feel like a friend the moment you meet. If you want integrity, honesty, warmth and truth then Lindy is someone you MUST speak with.”
Louisa Forrest - Leura

“When I met you 6 years ago and had my first reading done you gave me truth about who I am and where my future is heading. Until today things you’ve told me are still happening. I quite possibly wouldn’t be living happily in Australia, living my life purpose and be the person I have become over the years. I am forever grateful for your constant guidance and support. You are the most beautiful, caring and special person I have met in a long time. I have learned so much from you and just want to say Thank You!! I’m so grateful to have met you! You have touched many souls and are a true light worker and a blessing to this world!! ”
Kirsten Rothe - Sunshine Coast

“Lindy speaks my soul’s voice. When I’m unable or unwilling to accept what is in my heart, Lindy has helped me to hear it. I’ve been surprised by the accuracy with which she understands what my journey is about even though I haven’t shared details with her. Lindy has helped me to stay on path in a gentle and compassionate way. Thank you.”
Delia Mozer - Brisbane

“A big factor in getting to the bottom of what was happening with my health was speaking with Lindy Stratford, who is a highly skilled psychic. She helped me through an hour long phone session and subsequent follow up, employing her counselling skills and working with her intuition to help clarify many of my questions. Her guidance helped me to feel confident I was on the right track and to understand the lessons I was learning during this phase of my life. Lindy also helped me to be able to identify more quickly the 'truth' in situations that would come up in the future because I identified that we'd already spoken about it. Lindy was very accurate and has such a great way of being honest and supportive, I highly recommend her.”
Sarah Rose - Melbourne

“You are so good. I have seen lots of readers looking for someone I can trust. You are spot on and better than all the others I have seen. I'll be back.”
Susan Johnson - Bendigo

“The reading I had with Lindy two years ago was wonderful and it changed my life. Lindy’s great strength is her ability to read emotion, providing insight into the emotional blocks that keep us from having and being what we truly want or who we want to be and from this work come pathways or maps that lead to personal wellbeing, vitality and happiness.”
Brenda Skinner - Chewton

“Thank you for a great weekend. I really did learn a lot and feel I have more belief in myself.”
Laszio Hrabinsky - Cairns

“Lindy is an amazing spirit and teacher and I highly recommend her workshops to all. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lindy for a year, assisting in a monthly seminar and now embarking on the wonderful adventure of learning from her beautiful wisdom and the calmness of her spirit.”
Pascale Dureau - Melbourne

“I will take this opportunity to thank you for my meeting with you. I was absolutely amazed at your insight of me and also of my children. You have the gift of making people feel so relaxed with you and I came away feeling very enlightened. One of my sons also had a visit with you and expressed how impressed he was also. What a beautiful gift you have.”
Cheryl Smith - Bendigo

“I feel honoured to have learned Reiki with Lindy as I know she is very caring and her intentions come from the nicest place. I feel that Lindy will do everything she knows to help you help yourself.”
Drew Harris - New Zealand

“Thank you for being truly amazing at what you do!! Your empathy, insight and ability really has moved mountains for me in just so many ways and I feel fantastic!!”
Nicole Hendriks - Melbourne

“You are very knowledgeable and I can see that you are passionate about what you do.”
Viv Arranz-Boyle - Bendigo

“Lindy you are an inspiration. A gentle and supportive teacher you taught me so much about healing. Your guidance helped me explore my spirituality, to trust in myself and to grow into a more fulfilled person. Thank you for being a part of my life.”
Nicole Croft - Geraldton WA

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop! I certainly received what I’d asked for and more. I really enjoyed my time with you and your method of teaching. It was also great to meet some lovely 'like-minded people'.”
Lyn Montel - Newstead

“Thank you for your guidance and wisdom over the past months, you are an amazing teacher. It has been a truly incredible journey.”
Jacque Vemer - Castlemaine

“You are a wonderfully fun and giving person and very talented.”
Emily Faulkner - Bendigo

“I have learned more from you than from all the other courses I have done”
Louisa Partridge - Bendigo

“You have been my inspiration”
Deborah Gutteridge - Bendigo

“Enlightening and accurate. You have given me new focus. Thank you.”
Helmut Bolger - Sydney

“It’s amazing how you know so much about me without ever having met me before. I now have a clearer direction about where my life is going.”
Melanie Graff - Wagga Wagga

“Of my whole life you have made the biggest impact on me. Thank you!”
Herman Naude - South Africa

“Everything you told me 2 years ago has happened.”
Sandra Longhorne - Horsham

“Enlightening, accurate, Lindy has changedmy life and given me new focus. Lindy is an angel. She has given me lots to think about and new hope for a brighter future. Thank God for people like Lindy. I wish there were more people like you.”
Denise Burns - Sydney

“I would recommend the psychic development course to anyone who is spiritual. You will be absolutely amazed at the results achieved.”
Gary Weatherson - Clunes

“Lindy is a wonderful teacher. She is gentle, encouraging and affirmative. She can bring out latent intuitive perceptions even if you think you don’t have any.”
Leonie Stevenson - Bendigo

“Lindy has helped me through many unanswered areas of my spiritual growth which I am truly grateful for. The more I learn in class helps me evolve into the person I need and want to be.”
Heather Goullet - Bendigo

“I just wanted to say thankyou so much for the reading. You were amazing, I was so happy that I got to be in your environment for 25 minutes, I really appreciate your insight to my life and me, so thank you very much.”
Madeline Smith - Melbourne